Dilrash & Shaffaf

Dilrash & Shaffaf 23rd December 2017 Dint know where to start with planning a wedding.Thats when our relative suggested crimson and cherry. Hiring them was one of the best decisions we made. Nishanth and his wonderful wife Niveditha took meticulous care of each and every detail. Even though it was their first venture in Mangalore everything went on perfectly. We want to say a BIG THANK YOU to all of you for making our wedding look like a fairytale. We had an awesome Mehandi and Reception nights and none of it could have been possible without all your inputs, ideas ,patience,understanding and hardwork It was exactly how we had wanted. We are still talking about it in our family and so are our guests. They say it was the best wedding they have been to in MANGALORE!! Thank you thank you again Niveditha and Nishanth! :)

Akash & Oriane

Both Niveditha and Nishanth were the official wedding planners associated with the venue i.e. The Tamarind Tree and were recommended by them and that's how we came to know about them. We are glad they were our wedding planners. They handled everything from coordinating with the guests, recommending designers, car rentals, house lighting, even organising pre-wedding shoot. From the very first Skype call, we just adored them and felt we were in good hands. Living in the UK and organising a wedding in India is quite complicated. We just wanted ourselves and our parents to relax and enjoy the event. Initially Niveditha and Nishanth agreed to set up few calls for introduction. It was a two way process as it was important even for us to know and be comfortable with our wedding planners. Slowly they got the feel of our expectations and quite frankly I don't think even we realised how much hard work went into all the events. During our Skype calls, It was evident that Niveditha was a highly organised person and we can assure you that it only comes with experience and a zeal to keep clients happy. We felt that due to her soft spoken nature people naturally listen to her and in her line of business it is an important asset. Both were very flexible and we often had calls that were quite late for them due to time difference. The Crimson and Cherry team set up few deadlines from the beginning and it was very easy to follow. We were in constant contact with questions, ideas, and expectations for our big day. Quickly, the team set out a presentation for our 3 days activity. We then decided on colour, themes, venues and budgets. It was very easy to work with Niveditha and Namratha as they always listened to our choices and added suggestions to our big day and that felt special as well.

They even set up a WhatsApp group with our family members, like that everyone had a voice and I think this was an important way of communication. Due to time difference this way of communication was the best way to reach out to everyone. Once we arrived in India, we met with the team and went through the final details, they were available for us 24/7. They were always the first and last ones to arrive and leave the venue to make sure the decor, flowers and everything were matching as per our expectations. They organised all the vendors which was very relaxing for us, we just had to agree on a time and the team would handle everything else from the decor to the vendors (Mehendi artist, activities, makeup artist) and caterers. During the events all our family and relatives were just mesmerised with the way the Venus were decorated. Each event set a high standard for the other one to follow. It started with the Mehendi at Royal Orchid, the decor was absolutely stunning straight out of a movie set. Many relatives said usually after the Mehendi everything just slows down but in our case it didn’t and the next event, wedding was even more breathtaking. The venue Tamarind Tree gave a very traditional feel of a South Indian wedding and every detail in terms of flower decor, seating arrangement, program card just felt like the team practised it over and over again to get it right. But in reality they did it right the very first time. That shows their vast experience and networking skills to get things correctly.The reception that followed the next day at Taj West end was like a dream. The flower decor was stunning and we felt humbled with the way the team handled everything. The party went on till early hours of the day and Nishanth was there till the end to make sure all the bills were sorted with the hotel. While most of our family members left, Nishanth was there till 3am trying to ensure all our family members have reached home safely and coordinating with the transport. Niveditha and the team are always up for a challenge, we had specific ideas for having a , South Indian caterer and priest. They made sure they did their best to find what exactly we were looking for. Having looked back at the way things went we are so happy that we chose them to be our wedding planners. We feel like friends now and have asked them to visit us in UK during their travels. We would also like to thank Namratha who just fades away in the background and quietly gets on with her job. We gave her a last minute request of wanting to hire a videographer as the one we had hired was just a cinematographer and we had not realised that until the end. Without making any fuss she managed to get a videographer at the very last minute. We learnt an important lesson. If you are hiring a wedding planner make sure you run everything through them mainly for pricing comparison and most importantly the legal aspect and last but not least they are your wedding planner and they have the right to know if you are getting a good deal by external vendors or not. A month before our Indian wedding, we had a small wedding organised in UK for our close friends and family who could not travel to India. We were running around organising things and we told to both Niveditha and Nishanth that we wish they organised our UK wedding as well, so we could have a peace of mind. Working with Niveditha, Nishanth and Namratha was an absolute pleasure. They’ve been always available and giving very good advice in terms of getting the best out of our wedding. We felt confident that they added that wow factor to our special day and made everyone enjoy themselves for a wedding to remember. The Crimson and Cherry team are one of the best in their game in Bangalore with good contacts. If anyone needs personal reference and want to reach out to enquire about them please feel to reach out in person via email . We feel we owe it to the entire Crimson and Cherry team and this is the least thing we can do as a mark of respect. Hope to see you guys in UK someday. Lots of love and hugs Akash & Oriane

Chandana & Nitin

I just wanted to send a personal thank you and acknowledgement for your role in making our wedding a very special day, but it wouldn't suffice the contribution and great work by you and your team ! The best thing that happened to us during the course of our wedding was Crimson and cherry. I find its not often that I become involved in a major event that I cannot reflect back on it and not have a few things that I would change or improve on. In this case,I would not change a thing and frankly cannot raise a single item that could be improved upon. I want to congratulate you and your team for your kindness, thoughtfulness, professionalism, skill and your ability to over deliver on all aspects on the day. I am well aware of what it takes to achieve customer satisfaction and you certainly did this. I wish crimson and cherry well with your business, life and family.You created a vibe of family within by including all the vendors yet stuck to the professionalism. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone I come across looking to plan their wedding and I would be delighted to provide a reference for you at any time in the future if you required it. You guys did not just build the cake or finished it off with an icing but surely took the leap of adding crimsons and cherry to it.
PS : For those looking for a planner If you want the best of everything, with flawless execution and a vendor that makes your special day as important as their special day, Madhu and her team at Crimson and Cherry 🍒 are the way to go. The attention to detail, friendly service and OUTSTANDING vision is like no other.

Nisha & Prahlad

Crimson & Cherry listened to me, understood me & turned my wedding vision into a reality! Having one wedding planner is helpful but having four was a blessing -four bold, creative and passionate experts! But these aren't just any wedding planners -they are able to have meetings at home, anywhere in the city and even on the phone late at night! This made the whole process feel less like business and more like brainstorming with friends who are professionals. Even with four minds and four times as many resources, I really wanted to plan my own wedding...every single detail of it. To my delight Crimson & Cherry let me lead the planning every step of the way and worked with me to make sure I was satisfied with every single detail! Most brides find the wedding planning process a little bit overwhelming causing stress and insomnia in the months leading up to the wedding. My experience, on the other hand, was the complete opposite of this! I thoroughly enjoyed planning my wedding and I enjoyed all the vendor meetings and it is all because of Crimson & Cherry. Their support, their dedication and their expertise helped make six months of wedding planning fun and memorable! Our wedding was a dream come true, in fact, it was a big fat Indian wedding dream come true. Prahlad and I would recommend Crimson & Cherry to any couple looking to tie the knot because they will turn your wedding dreams into a reality. If you can dream it, they can do it!

Malavika & Varun

We thoroughly enjoyed the wedding thanks to the crimson and cherry team, everything was executed very tastefully. The dining room and mantapa was our favourite of all. You even dressed the trees elegantly. Loved the red carpet look everywhere.
The entrance, the flower board, everything carefully handcrafted. Thanks to you our daughter experienced her dream wedding. Nita Mallya - Bride's Mother.